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Methanol feed gas

2018-02-01      1303

The types of sulfur compounds contained in the methanol feed gas include hydrogen sulfide, sulfur oxide carbon, carbon disulfide, mercaptans, thioethers (most of which are in the form of hydrogen sulfide), and cyclic sulfides. The main raw materials for the synthesis of methanol are natural gas, naphtha, heavy oil, coal, and coke.


The use of solid dry desulfurizers in methanol feed gas mainly involves the production of water gas containing H2 and CO  before the methanol is synthesized. Then, various purification methods are used to remove dust, H2S, organic sulfide, CO, CO2, and other harmful impurities from the gas to obtain clean water gas that meets the methanol synthesis requirements. Finally, methanol is synthesized at the synthesis stage.



The purification of crude feed gas mainly removes H2S in crude water gas, because H2S is chemically corrosive and can lead to catalyst poisoning, so that the subsequent methanol synthesis stage can not be carried out, so it must be removed, and in the process of removal, valuable sulfur element can be obtained, which provides raw materials for other chemical processes.

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