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R & D strength

Our company produces a series of desulfurization products including iron oxide desulfurizer, zinc oxide desulfurizer, activated carbon desulfurizer, iron manganese desulfurizer, etc.Through continuous research and development, testing, and improvement, ZD, LG, GXT and many other series and more than ten products are currently available.

Production strength

Since 2004, we have been engaged in the professional production of desulfurizers, and the quality and performance of our products have reached a high level in the industry.Enable to fully meet customer demand for products.

Sales strength

After years of product sales and engineering services, customers who currently use our products have spread to more than 20 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government.The company plans to expand its business to national and global levels by 2018.

One-stop service

While providing products to our customers, we will also provide a full range of program design, engineering and technical consulting and services, oveall leasing of desulphurization equipment, waste recycling and other one-stop services to create a full range service concept.Let customers have a good purchase and usage experience.