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Main business

Our products are widely used in natural gas, oil and gas fields, coal chemical industry, biogas, coking, petroleum refining gas, methanol feed gas, food carbon dioxide, shift gas, carbon dioxide regeneration gas, coal-bed methane, LNG, CNG gas stations and the removal of hydrogen sulfide from other sulfur-containing gases.

  • 01

    Dry desulfurization project

  • 02

    Natural Gas Desulfurization Project(Natural gas single well,CNG gas stations, etc.)

  • 03

    Coke oven gas desulfurization project

  • 04

    CBM desulphurization project

  • 05

    Biogas desulphurization project

  • 06

    Coking plant desulfurization project

  • 07

    Synthetic ammonia plant desulphurization project

  • 08

    Methanol plant desulfurization project

  • 09

    Smelting dephosphorization and desulphurization project of steelmaking plant

  • 10

    Coal-fired desulfurization project

  • 11

    Chemical plant raw gas, exhaust gas desulfurization project

  • 12

    Gas desulphurization purification project

  • 13

    Desulfurization project for gas, biogas and coalbed methane power generation projects

  • 14

    Urban supply gas desulphurization purification project

  • 15

    Desulfurizer replacement service project

  • 16

    Biomass gas desulphurization purification project

  • 17

    Sulfide gas production units