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Business Scope

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One-stop service

1. Technical consultation:

We will provide customers with professional and thoughtful consulting services before the sale, so that customers without anything to worry about;

2. Plan design:

According to the different needs of customers, provide customers with a reasonable and scientific filling program;

3.Engineering Technical Service:

Our company has established a high-quality, professional and professional engineering service team to provide customers with high-quality engineering services;

4.After-sales service:

After the completion of the engineering service, listen to the customer's feedback, solve the problems encountered during the actual use, and provide technical support;

5.Overall desulfurization equipment rental:

Provide customers with high-quality dry desulfurization equipments and overall equipment rental services;

6.Contracting operation:

Overall contracted desulfurization project and agent operation business;

7.Agent recycling waste:

Disposal of waste is a key issue. Our company has agents to recycle and dispose of waste business to solve customer waste disposal problems and share concerns for customers;