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Coal bed gas

2018-02-01      1200

Coal bed gas is an unconventional natural gas. It refers to self-generated gas that is stored in the coal seam. Because its composition is dominated by methane, it is also called coalbed methane. In coal production, various types of gases in the coal seam are commonly referred to as gas. The composition of coal bed gas is similar to that of conventional natural gas, and its calorific value is equivalent to that of conventional natural gas. It can be used as  civil gas, fuel for power generation, and automobiles. It is also a raw material for the production of chemical products such as chemical fertilizers and formaldehyde. It is a resource of enormous power and can be extracted on large-scale grounds. Moreover, it is a clean energy source and high-quality chemical raw material.


The corrosive components in the coal bed gas, such as H2S, SO2, and CO2, will inevitably cause corrosion damage to the oil and gas pipelines, perforation or fracture of the oil and gas pipelines, and ultimately damage to various related devices, which will affect the production and cause economic losses, bring environmental pollution and even threaten personal safety. Therefore, the desulphurization of coal bed gas is of great significance in reducing hazards, reducing production costs, and improving economic benefits.

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