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2018-02-01      1237

The occurrence of hydrogen sulfide in oil and gas fields often brings a series of complex problems to drilling, gas production and gas transmission, such as: the failure of drilling tool, the corrosion of pipelines such as oil pipe, gas pipe, etc. The corrosion caused by hydrogen sulfide in the inner wall of tubing and casing is characterized by serious corrosion from the bottom of the well to the inner wall of wellhead tubing, but it tends to weaken gradually towards the wellhead. When the gas produced in the gas field contains both hydrogen sulfide and water, the resulting hydrogen sulfide corrosion will be higher than that of the hydrogen sulfide gas field without water. The higher the concentration of hydrogen sulfide, the more serious the corrosion. The main corrosion modes of hydrogen sulfide are electrochemical corrosion, hydrogen induced cracking (HIC) and sulfur plugging. Corrosion is mainly affected by pipe material and processing quality, natural gas properties,  the severity of sulfur plugging in the formation and other factors. It is suggested that the monitoring of sulfur-bearing gas field should be strengthened and the research on the effect of sulfur element on the development of gas field should be strengthened.


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