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LG-1 Type High-Efficiency Degreaser

The product, existing as cylindrical particles and with a light brownish red color, is produced, with high quality silicate as a carrier, by adding catalyst and through drying, baking and activation; and is characterized by  well developed cavities, strong adsorption capacity, large oil capacity, high mechanical strength, no removing of H2S, no pulverization under high pressure and  immersed in water, no sliming, etc.

Parameter Packaging Transport and Storage Precautions


The product is mainly used to absorb oils in  methanol process gas in ammonia synthesizing and synthetic gases in fine chemical industry to protect ammonia synthesis catalysts, the transformation catalysts and the synthesis catalysts for fine chemicals so as to prolong the service life and maintain high activity of the catalysts.

Technical indicators

LG-1 High-Efficiency Degreaser

Specification (mm)


Oil capacity


Water capacity


Strength %


Accumulation g/l


Water content %



Temperature: Room temperature  - 120 ℃

Air speed:1000~2000h-1

Direction of air flow:  Upward

Height to diameter ratio: 2.0-3.0

Pressure: Normal pressure- 8 MPa