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QJ-1 Type Hydroxy Iron Desulfurizer

QJ-1 type hydroxy iron desulfurizer is a high-efficiency gas purifying preparation that is made of iron oxide as the main active component and added with other accelerators. Between 20°C and 100°C, H2S has a high removal performance. It can be mainly used in chemical fertilizers, petrochemicals, coal chemical industry, energy chemical industry and other industrial raw materials and process gases to remove sulfuretted hydrogen. Such as natural gas, biogas, oil and gas fields, shale gas, water gas, semi-water gas, shift gas, coke-oven gas, carbon gas, liquefied gas, feed gas for steel mills, city gas and other gases containing sulfuretted hydrogen. For the usage, there are characteristics such as simple and easy operation, high degree of purification, low bed resistance, well adaptability, fast desulfurization, large sulfur capacity, and long life cycle.

Parameter Packaging Transport and Storage Precautions


QJ-1   Type Iron Oxyhydroxide Desulfurizer


Unit of Measurement








Loading Density



Pore volume



Working sulfur capacity



The   content of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the gas constituent will affect the   sulfur capacity.

Lateral pressure strength






Desulfurization accuracy



Service conditions:

Temperature: 20~60°C

Airspeed: 500 to 1500 hours - 1,500 to 1,000 hours - 1 is appropriate.

Pressure: normal pressure to 8.0Mpa

Ratio of height to diameter: 3:1

Water content and pH:
    The water in desulfurizer plays a role as the medium, and the amount should be: 10% or less is appropriate. For usage, a small amount of water vapor is required in the gas, in order to inhibit the air flow which will take away the water in desulfurizer, but not a lot of water vapor to prevent their condensation in the bed which may cause plugging of micro holes. pH 8-9
   This product is a chemical adsorption desulfurizer, with the different order of contact with the gas flow, the amount of sulfur absorption is also inconsistent. In order to make the desulfurizer to achieve higher utilization, it is best to set 2-3 desulfurization tower in series. The desulfurizer in the first tower is firstly deactivated, and update the desulfurizer in the first tower, so the gas is passed in the order of 2—3—1, and then replace the desulfurizer in the second tower; the gas is passed in the order of 3—1—2, so that the maximum adsorption value of desulfurization can be achieved.
The dosage of desulfurizer is determined by the following conditions:
    1. H2S concentration and gas flow in feed gas

    2. Requirements value of the H2S concentration in desulfurization tower outlet
    3. Replacement cycle of desulfurizer