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On April 2nd, general manager and technical leader of Jiangyou Longguang Purification Co., Ltd. went to Chengdu to participate in the technical disclosure for oil field bidding.

2018-04-03      1281

At 11 o'clock on the morning of March 2nd, the general manager and technical leader of Jiangyou Longguang Co., Ltd., in Chengdu partner's conference room, together with the principal heads of the partner's project and the relevant technical personnel of the company, started technical disclosure on a large-scale desulfurization equipment project at a gas field in Xinjiang . The two parties further implemented the previously agreed cooperation intentions. The meeting also included consultations on product technical indicators, prices, and engineering services.


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The project is a large-scale natural gas well dry desulfurization project located in Xinjiang, China. The daily processing volume of natural gas is 500000m3, the hydrogen sulfide content is about 500mg/m3, and the exit hydrogen sulfide requirement is ≤5mg/m3.