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The Company sent a technical person in charge to inspect the desulfurization project under construction by Shanxi Gas Company

2018-03-27      1484

    On March 18, He Qiang, Manager of the Company went to a gas company in Shanxi province to inspect the project under construction of the desulfurizing system by the Company, and put forward a series of valuable suggestions on the desulfurization system construction of the project from a professional point of view.

The desulphurization system has the following problems, which need to be solved urgently.

      1. The thickness of flange steel plate for the manhole of desulfurizing tower is not enough. It is recommended to use standard flanges with product quality certification produced by regular manufacturers.    

      2. Insulation: According to Shanxi's environmental climate, the minimum winter temperature can be as low as minus 10-20 degrees, and the tower body needs to be insulated.

      3. Need to mount pressure gauges, thermometers and other monitoring devices

      4. Need to increase the strength to prevent the inclined collapse of the desulfurizing tower due to insufficient strength of the desulfurizing tower base

      5. Replacement & blow-through holes shall be installed to facilitate the filling and cleaning of desulfurizer.

      6. Install sewage pipe to ensure that the sewage system is in good working condition.