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In December 2017, Fengdu Tailai #6 well single well dry desulfurization project was undertaken and put into trial operation

2018-03-14      1297

On December 19, Song Daotai, General Manager of Longguang Purification Co., Ltd. Jiangyou City, went to Fengdu Sinopec Tailai #6 natural gas dry desulfurization project for on-the-spot investigation. Through the technical argumentation of both sides, because the well is a trial production well, the natural gas output is unstable, and the gas hydrogen sulfide content is high, which is 30g standard per cubic meter. Only dry iron oxide desulphurization scheme and 6-tower series parallel process can be adopted to reduce the investment risk of desulphurization. After two months of construction work and equipment trial operation phase. Fully meet the national standard for hydrogen sulfide below 20 mg per cubic meter.

Dry desulfurization project under construction


After the completion of the project, the desulfurizer was first filled, and the above figure shows the filling site.